Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ customisation is only skin deep

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Interview

Ghost Recon: Wildlands feels like a Ubisoft game. It’s a massive open-world with loads of missions to undertake, coupled with some fun co-operative mechanics that allows you to bring in some friends for tactical shooting. It’s less MMO (like the Division) and more an unscripted playground set within the Tom Clancy franchise. And that sounds great, especially so if you’re looking to make a mark as a unique Ghost.

Sitting down with Wildlands Senior Character Artist, Tom Isaksen, during rAge this past weekend, we learnt a little more about how much control players will have when crafting their own operative. Character customisation was a little limited in The Division, with an assortment of clothing changing you appearance without inheriting anything from your skills or stats. The same will go for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, with players able to edit their physical appearance to stick out a little more in the Bolivian setting.

(I know what you’re thinking. And yes, my hair does look fabulous)

Your chosen role or equipment won’t be represented on your Ghost, which will probably be the more welcomed approach by players. I’ve often loathed RPGs in particular where I love the look of one piece of armour only to be forced to change it for better attributes. Locking cosmetic appearance to in-game numbers often frustrates players, and so Wildlands is completely circumventing that.

Players will be able to not only choose between male and female operative, but ethnicity, different layers of clothing, accessories and tattoos. There’s more than enough tools valuable to truly represent yourself in game, although the depth of these options isn’t something we’ll know for sure until the game launches.

And that’s not too far away wither, with Ghost Recon: Wildlands set to drop in March next year. You can read over my tepid impression of the game from E3 here.

Last Updated: October 13, 2016

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