Gina Carano finds blood

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Gina Carano, who happens to be more than just a pretty face attached to a body that is trained to effortlessly kill you with supreme skill, has been having a success as of late with a venture into acting.

After kicking several shades of excrement out of Michael “Magneto” Fassbender in Haywire, the actress will star in her next role, the John “I love tropical loations” Stockwell action thriller In The Blood.

With a script written by Bennet Yellin and James Robert Johnston, Carano will play a wife who’s husband happens to mysteriously vanish while the pair are on vacation in the Caribbean.

Thinking that her husband has been murdered, the widow then decides to justice-punch the kidnappers in retaliation. “This role will showcase not only Gina’s fighting skills, but also her acting abilities as her character struggles to reign in her violent past,” Stockwell told the Hollywood Reporter.

Sounds like a perfect role for Carano, kind of like a revenge film in the same vein as a Liam Neeson one, or what that actor would call “Tuesday”.

Last Updated: February 15, 2012

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