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Marvel’s Behind the Mask takes you backstage in the comic book industry

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Thanks to the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve likely all been influenced by its superheroes in some form or another even if you haven’t read any of their comic books. Many of those heroes have now transitioned from the printed page to the big screen, yet how could comic book characters that started out as mere drawings on a page have become such a treasured part of today’s entertainment world?

This is the story that the upcoming documentary special for Disney+ titled Marvel’s Behind the Mask will explore, and reveals the journey of how Marvel over the decades to create deep and personal stories that people could relate to:

This looks like a truly inspired view into the iconic heroes at Marvel and why so many people resonate with them. What stands out instantly is a conversation with Joe Quesada, who is now the executive vice president and creative director of Marvel, who recalls a conversation with the late Stan Lee. “How do you create the perfect Marvel character?” Quesada asked, with Lee replying:

Imagine Spider-Man. It’s just a red and blue suit jumping off a building. But tell me who he is. Tell me what his problems are. And now, when he flies off that building, we’re in that suit.

And these heroes are indeed more than just their superpowers, because they are a part of us, even if the movies gloss over some of their deeper personal journeys. This certainly looks like a documentary that all Marvel fans should definitely watch as they learn more about what inspired the different characters and their important personal journeys.

Marvel’s Behind the Mask is directed by Michael Jacobs and is set to release on Disney+ on February 12.

Last Updated: February 5, 2021

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