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The GOON sequel finally has a release date!

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You know those movies that you love but nobody else seems to have watched? Well, Goon is the very definition of that. A Canadian sports comedy set in the world of ice hockey enforcers (i.e. guys who just get on the ice to fight) and starring Sean William Scott aka Stifler and the dude who would eventually become Ray Donavan, admittedly doesn’t sound like much on paper. However, what director Michael Dowse gave us in 2011 was a hilariously raucous and filthy, but also surprisingly touching and sweet film that didn’t so much charm you as it did punch you in the face with its awesomeness. And like I said, almost nobody watched it.

The film made a grand total of $7 million at the box office upon its release, and no, I didn’t forget to add in some figures. Over time though, once it hit home release, it developed a cult following. Enough so that last year Scott and writer/co-star Jay Baruchel was able to reveal that a sequel was actually happening. Very much like the story of Scott’s Doug Glatt, a lovable softie with a natural gift for knocking people the eff out, this was a total “against all odds” moment, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Except we then promptly didn’t hear a damn thing about the movie ever again. Well, at least until now, as Baruchel revealed on Twitter that not only does Goon: Last of the Enforcers now have a release date, it’s one that’s much closer than you would expect!

Yes, that only says Canada, but that is still much better than nothing, and a definite start to getting more Goon in my life. That also leaves ample time for you uninformed guys to watch this little gem for yourself. There’s no word on whether Alison Pill will be returning – she and Scott were a real-life couple who have since split – but I really hope they find a way to bring back Liev Schrieber’s Ross “The Boss” Rhea, just so that he can once lay somebody the f$%k out.

Last Updated: November 4, 2016

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