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Guitar Hero Live has been created with a modern audience in mind

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I’m pretty damn keen to get my grubby paws on Guitar Hero Live. Back when the franchise was in its heyday, there I was, hour after hour, fingers flying over those coloured keys in time with the notes zooming down the highway. Much like everybody else though, I became fatigued, and the whole experience grew somewhat stale. We’re on a new generation of gaming however, meaning that Guitar Hero is about ready to make an explosive comeback.

How does it plan to do this though? I sat down with Jamie Jackson, the Creative Director and co-head of FreeStyleGames to find out.

Besides the new controller with its 6 buttons, Live has redesigned how people play shows. Gone are the digital avatars, viewed primarily from the virtual audience’s perspective. Instead, the camera has been flipped around, making the game a first-person experience in a sense. The digital crowd has also been replaced with a live audience.

There’s also a new service launching with Live, called GHTV – something that could never have existed properly 5 years ago. Thanks to modern Internet infrastructure, and many more people now being connected to the world wide web, GHTV can exist.

It’s a feature that will operate 24/7, with music on the go that entire time. Gamers can tune into one of the two channels to play whatever is on air, the entire day, all for free. It will also receive new content regularly, at no additional cost. Many have concerns over real money spending in Guitar Hero Live however. Yes, it is there – you can spend real cash if you wish, but it is entirely optional.

Everything in-game can be purchased with a separate currency that can be earned simply by playing on GHTV for example. Basically, nothing is hidden behind a paywall. It merely exists for those who wish to make use of it.

If FreeStyleGames can keep content fresh and consistent, I think Guitar Hero Live may just be the perfect rhythm game that fans have been waiting for. It will be out here on October the 23rd, and will cost around R1599.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017


  1. The HAIR interviews the BEARD


  2. HairyEwok

    September 29, 2015 at 08:18

    If I remember correctly I payed R2k for the Guitar Hero: Metallica box which had the game and Metallica theme guitar….. This is a great welcome to my wallet.
    BUT I take this isn’t for PC and you will need a PS4/Xbone for this so in the end ill have to fork out R8k T-T


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