Here comes the law! JUDGE DREDD: SUPERFIEND screens and trailer surfaces

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[insert lamenting of tragic box office failure of Dredd here]. Well, at least Judge Dredd is proving to be a resilient character, but he is a little like Tintin and Asterix: really big in some places, hardly known in others. By ‘others’ I mainly mean the United States and its unfortunate obsession with spandex-clad superhero comics. But you can’t keep a good judge down and Dredd is back in an unofficial web series.

Many anticipated it would be live-action, but instead Judge Dredd: Superfiend is animated. Here’s the trailer:

/Film has the details:

Producer Adi Shankar helped make Dredd, and he has also been behind the creation of a couple unofficial short films featuring Marvel comics characters such as the Punisher and Venom. So the concept of Shankar backing an unofficial Dredd spin-off series featuring the diabolical Dark Judges (a small group which counts heavy hitters such as Death and Fear as members) it was easy to assume we’d see a certain sort of web series.

In fact, the Dredd spin-off featuring the Dark Judges is called Superfiend, and it is animated. The series premieres later this month, but we have a poster and the first images below.

It is exciting to see Death and the Dark Judges appear, but this was perhaps also expected. The absence of Death and his cohort has been a shame and the tepid responses of Judge Dredd and Dredd at the box office means the kind of budget needed to bring Death to life is far from forthcoming.

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So animated it is. But while the web series will probably chronicle the rise of Death, he’s not alone. Mean Machine is also appearing and fans can hold out hope for the wider rogue’s gallery if this gains traction.

Here’s the poster and a bunch of screens from EW:






Last Updated: October 22, 2014


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