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Here's a timeline leading up to INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE

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Man I love Independence Day. Twenty years later, and that film feels as fresh as it ever was, a summer blockbuster that rewrote the rules of tentpole movies that studios gamble hundreds of millions of dollars on every year. Thing is, Independence Day is one of those movies with not much of an expanded universe. There’s a two decade gap between the first film and the upcoming Independence Day Resurgence, that is barely touched upon outside of a few novels.

And that would make for a helluva entertaining film or even TV series. A tale of how humanity picked itself up out of the ashes of a war that almost rendered us extinct, and bounced back with new technology. That’s not happening…yet. But there is a handy infographic from Fandango that fills in a few gaps, using tiny font. I’ve written it below in case you don’t feel like squinting, but here’s the original image. Spoiler warnings and all that:


General William Grey

Becomes 43rd president of the United States of America from 2001-2005

Dr Brakish Okun

Alien attack results in coma

Captain Steven Hiller

Dies in a crash while test piloting a new experimental jet fighter

David Levinson

Elected director of Earth Space Defense

Julius Levinson

Published book, “How I saved the world”

President Whitmore

Served a second term as US President

Right, so what about the rest of the world then? Well with the ESD established, the rest of the world is now united in one common goal: To prepare for a future when the alien invaders return. Here’s a list of notable events that occurred in the last twenty years as humanity rebuilt itself from the ruins of the war of Indepence:

  • Taj Mahal and Big Ben monuments rebuilt
  • F-22 fighter jets have alien technology added to them
  • World leaders unite
  • Congo Ground War continues
  • US Army adopts alien weaponry and technology
  • Rumours surface of a prison that houses various aliens who survived the war of Independence
  • Lucas Jacobs becomes the 44th president of the USA
  • ESD Moonbase established
  • Consumer tech advances
  • Next generation hybrid fighter revealed

And now you’re up to date with what exactly has gone on in the last twenty years. Independence Day: Resurgence is out June 24. Hopefully mobile Mac laptops have also received a massive boost in the upgrade department when the film ends with the even bigger than your mothership being infected with a Linkedin request.

Last Updated: June 6, 2016

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