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Here’s the full schedule for DC Fandome this weekend

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The DC Fandome schedule is alive and kicking! This weekend sees a celebration of movies, video games and comic books from the Distinguished Competition, which will chart the future for DC in a very weird and uncertain age. There’s a lot going on in a few days, from a new look at The Batman to Zack Snyder’s Justice League sharing some footage presumably, and maybe even a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984!

Throw in a panel dedicated to the long-gestating Flash movie, James Gunn showing off his Suicide Squad project, and Rocksteady revealing how their take on the black ops miscreants will challenge the Justice League, and there’s a lot to get excited for. So when can you watch? Here’s when! The schedule has just gone live, and I’ve listed the times below in good ol’ CET:

DC Fandome Schedule August 22

  • Wonder Woman 1984 – 7PM CET
  • Warner Bros. Montreal game announcement – 7:30PM CET
  • The Sandman Universe – 7:45PM CET
  • Multiverse 101 Panel – 8:20PM
  • The Flash (2022) – 8:45PM CET
  • Beyond Batman Panel – 8:55PM
  • The Suicide Squad – 9PM CET
  • BAWSE Females of Colour Within the DC Universe – 9:50PM
  • Legacy of the Bat – 10:10PM
  • Chris Daughtry performance – 10:30PM
  • The Joker: Put on a happy face – 10:40PM
  • Jim Lee Portfolio Review – DC Super-Villain Fan Art – 10:50PM
  • Surprise DC Comics Panel – 11PM
  • I’m Batman: The voices behind the cowl – 11:25PM
  • The Snyder Cut of Justice League Panel – 11:45PM CET

DC Fandome Schedule August 23

  • Black Adam panel – 12AM CET
  • TBA – 12:50AM
  • Aquaman – 1AM CET
  • Ask Harley Quinn – 01:10AM
  • Wonder Woman 1984: The WW84 Cast Play ‘Werewolf 1984’ – 01:45AM
  • Shazam – 01:35AM
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League panel – 02:10AM
  • The Batman – 02:30AM

The rest of the weekend will be a series of repeats, once the panels are all done and dusted (and you can see a detailed description of each panel’s content over HERE) As usual, we’ll be covering all the big beats coming out of DC Fandome BECAUSE NEW BATMAN CONTENT DAMMIT LET’S GO BOYS! You can keep up with all of the madness, through our dedicated DC Fandome hub.

Last Updated: August 19, 2020

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