Hold the pigs blood, because CARRIE is going to miss the prom

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I think 2013 might be heralding something unheard of in the remake waters of Hollywood. Namely, film remakes that are actually pretty damn good. The new Evil Dead looks like a faithful new direction for that franchise, and now, Carrie is also looking pretty darn spiffy.

Can’t wait to go see that film in March. Did I say March? Nope, it ain’t happening, as that release date has been dumped in a bucket of animal blood and thrown into a new scheduling bracket.

Starring Chloe Moretz as the Psycho-kinetic teen, Carrie was originally scheduled for a March release, but will now instead be released in October. There’s no word yet as to why the film is seeing a delay, but it’s most likely to take advantage of the Halloween rush for such genre pieces.

The devils month is already home to two other such releases, the annual-no-longer-shocking home footage that is Paranormal Activity 5, and The Devil’s Rapture. Directed by Kimberly Pierce, Carrie also stars Judy Greer, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Gabriella Wilde, Ansel Elgort and Julianne Moore.





Last Updated: January 7, 2013

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