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Is Charlie Sheen returning to Scary Movie?

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Love it or hate it, but a brand new Scary Movie is on the way. The usual jokes and parodies of recent films will most likely be teased, mentioned and run into the ground harder than a Little Britain sketch, but one series regular that isn’t returning? Why the delightful Anna Faris, who has wisely chosen to be a no-show. Instead, it looks like Charlie Sheen will be returning instead, to keep the jokes going.

While Sheen is experiencing a decent amount of buzz since he left Two and a half men, with roles in the upcoming Machete Kills and a new TV series, Anger Management, based on the Adam Sandler film, he’ll also be joined by Lindsay Lohan.

The production company in charge, Studio Dimension, has yet to confirm Sheen and Lohan joining the film, but E! has reported that the two have already signed for the David Zucker film.

Eagle-eyed readers might recall that Sheen died in the previous Scary Movie, due to popping the wrong pills and finding a sudden, inexplicable rush of blood going south.

Apparently, he got better.

Last Updated: August 6, 2012

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