Is Ubisoft working on a WATCH DOGS movie?

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3): for gaming geeks it’s like the Holy Land. Only with a lot more scantily clad girls. But over the last few years, things have been rather ho-hum at the annual event, with just a small handful of gaming titles truly whipping the crowds into a frenzy.

One such title was Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, a high-tech conspiracy thriller that wowed gamers with it’s innovative gameplay and cinematic thrills at this year’s E3 two weeks ago. And now, if some domain name registrations turn out to be true, it looks like the French games developer may be pushing that cinematic angle even further. 

Spotted by Fusible, it seems that on June 14th, Ubisoft registered the following domain names:,, and Now, it could just mean that they are hoping to get a film deal out of this and that there are no plans in place yet, but they certainly appear to be thinking about it.

We’ve only seen a small snippet of the game, so I can’t rightly comment on how fitting the complete narrative is for a film adaptation, however what we saw was bloody impressive and I could see how that world could work on the big screen.

And for you non-gamers out there who are still reading this article, despite not having a clue about what I was actually going on about, here’s the E3 gameplay footage to amaze you:

Watch Dogs (the video game, of course) will be released in 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Last Updated: June 19, 2012

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