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It's Groundhog Day, but with more explosions in Joe Carnahan's CONTINUE

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Time travel seems to once again be creeping back into Hollywood. Or it may have already. Or it will. Bah, chrono-travelling is a wibbly wobbly mess of confusion sometimes, Anyway, with Looper around the corner, the time to strike the time-travelling iron has never been better, and Joe Carnahan has that hammer in his hand, as he’s looking to make his own Groundhog Day film, but with a ton more action instead.

After setting off the collective pulse of Daredevil fanboys with his vision for a reboot of such a film with some sizzling test reels, Carnahan is back with a project that he calls Continue.

Carnahan originally posted another clip of his ideas, called “The Poor Bastard Sushi Bar” through his twitter account, claiming that it was the first of five reveals, but he has removed it since then.

The problem is, is that Carnahan still needs a backer for his project, and 20th Century Fox may be interested in it, but they most likely will not take kindly to details being spilled so soon in the game.

Comic book writer  Mark “Hey, all my work is now going to be a movie!” Millar got a look at the script, and tweeted that it was “one of best scripts I’ve read in years. The opening 15 mins could be cleverest opening to a movie EVER.”

But Continue might take a few years to finally get made, as Carnahan is a busy boy. He’s finished with his script for Death Wish, which he says is totally not a remake, and he’s also got two other films in the pipeline, Killing Pablo and White Jazz.

Whichever one gets the greenlight and the sack of cash first, will be the project that Carnahan dedicates himself to next, but I’d love to see more of his time travel ideas made public before he tackles those movies.




Last Updated: September 7, 2012

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