It's time for an unnecessary remake of ALL OF ME

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Hey, it’s been quite a few days since we announced the weekly scraping of the nostalgia barrel, and once again, Hollywood doesn’t disappoint. The latest such acquisition on the table for today though, is a new look at a Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin freaky Friday classic, All of me.

The original 1984 Carl Reiner directed film starred Tomlin as a millionaire with health issues, and once she discovered that she was about to kick the bucket, she used her vast wealth to whip up some mystic hoodoo and transfer her spirit into the body of Martin.

Wacky hijinks ensued.

Abby “The Vow” Kohn and Marc “Never been kissed” Silverstein have come up with a script, albeit one with that does a gender switcheroo with the main characters, while Dreamworks is looking to produce the project. There’s no cast or director attached yet, so this one might still bubble away for a little while longer before it finally arrives.

Last Updated: September 12, 2012

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