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It's time to turn back the clock, because TIMECOP is getting the reboot treatment

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Move aside Doctor, because there’s another time traveller on the way and he’s not afraid to use a gun! Back in 1994, Jean Claude van Damme was at the height of his fame after a string of successful films in which he showed off his glutes and screamed At the screen as if he had just gotten some Tabasco sauce in his eyes.

Timecop was one of his last, really great films, in which he tackled a government conspiracy with jump-kicks to the face and the subtlety of a walrus looking for a mate. And I loved the damn film. Which is most likely why it’s getting a reboot.

THR reports that the original Dark Horse comic book series is currently in development for a remake under Universal Pictures, with Marc Shmuger and Tom McNulty producing. Ideas for a Timecop revival have been brewing for a while now, but most of them have been under consideration until this news broke. Back in 2011, Timecop co-creator and writer Mark Verheiden said to Coming Soon that he would love to see the story return to the big screen:

I like that rumor. ‘Timecop’ was a fun project and one of my earlier movies. It was fun to do then and I really think there’s a franchise there, whether its TV or film. It would be great to bring it back. I think we should get that rumor going!

Even though eTV has repeated showing the film almost as much as Anaconda and the first Spider-Man film, I still have a soft spot for it. The far off future of 2004 looked grim in that movie, and only the spin kicks of JCVD could help save the day. While the first film is still plenty watchable, it’s spin-off TV series and 2003 direct to DVD sequel, Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision haven’t aged too well.



Last Updated: May 23, 2013

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  1. The best mullet Van Damme ever had. And boy, he had a few.


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