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Ivan Reitman talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3

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If there’s a strange lack of directors in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ivan Reitman! Ever since Sony began toying with the idea of a third Ghostbusters flick, there’s been one man involved in every decision, and that’s the original Ghostbuster director himself. While Reitman won’t direct a third flick in that series, he will still be around to supervise and produce whatever comes next. And that’s a position he’s happy to occupy.


Speaking to Collider, Reitman explained his reluctance to direct, as well as his opinion on a third film featuring a female team of paranormal investigators with Paul “Bridesmaids” Feig directing. “On the drafts that I’ve been supervising, there’s always been a very important female presence.  It’s nice to know that Paul is interested in the same thing,” Reitman said.

I met with him because I’ll be producers whatever the new Ghostbusters is.  The studio is very interested in it, and certainly Aykroyd and I, and the late Harold Ramis until he passed away.  We’ll see.  I don’t like talking about it because this thing has been in such flux for so long that people, particularly online, are annoyed about it, and that’s not anybody’s desire or hidden plan.

I think we were initially slowed down by Bill Murray’s reluctance to be involved.  Not that that’s all that surprising.  He’s somewhat reluctant about most things.  I think that affected the timing of things, to a great extent.  We all wanted him back, at the center of it, as well.  But I think there’s still a great story in Ghostbusters and a great conceit about it that has held true, for all these years.  And I think there’s a great movie to be made, with a new cast, as well.

Fair enough. For the few folks who haven’t yet seen Ghostbusters (You’re dead to me), a new Blu-Ray set is on the way that features remastered copies of both films, with a ton of extras. And that’s something that excites Reitman, who hopes that the re-release captures the attention of a younger generation of fans:

Well, it certainly makes me feel wonderful about that.  To me, the most important thing about this is that I think the transfers are wonderful and the mixes are being played in a very faithful way.  You’ll get an excellent transfer of the film.  Danny Aykroyd and I did a new behind-the-scenes interview, and that was interesting, between us.  Looking back at it, after many years, and just talking about it, might be interesting for some people.  What’s fabulous is the realization that people still seem to really love it, and they pass it on to their children.

That it’s had this multi-generational appreciation is certainly something that makes me very warm in my heart and very happy.

Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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  1. James Francis

    August 18, 2014 at 15:54

    Okay, he has convinced me a little.


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