Jaoquin Phoenix drops out of DOCTOR STRANGE talks. Ethan Hawke his replacement?

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Well, at least 50% of that headline is rather disappointing, but if you listen carefully, you should be able to hear all the choruses of “I told ya so”s being thrown around on the net.

When news broke a short while back that Marvel were engaging in talks with Joaquin Phoenix to become their Sorcerer Supreme in the upcoming Doctor Strange, many people questioned the fit. Phoenix is a phenomenal actor, and Marvel landing him would be an incredible coup, but just a quick glance at the Oscar nominee’s filmography would instantly tell you that he is the very opposite of the Comic-Con crowd. He may be intrigued, but Phoenix and Marvel are just in different wavelengths.


And that seems to be exactly what happened as Deadline are now reporting that Phoenix has officially exited all talks with the comic book movie studio. It’s uncertain just how far along those talks were, but this would mean that Marvel now have to go back to the drawing board for a movie that director Scott Derrickson probably hopes to start shooting early next year.

So what other options does Derrickson have for a leading man? Besides for Phoenix, Marvel apparently had a wish list that included Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jared Leto, all of whom though always seemed to be inspired but just as illogical choices (all for different reasons, mind you)

But according to a rumour from This Is Infamous, Derrickson has already found his man, and it’s one that’s pretty familiar to him: Ethan Hawke, who starred in Derrickson’s Sinister last year. This Is Infamous don’t just claim that Marvel and co are looking at Hawke, but that he has already accepted the job over the weekend, and contract negotiations – including a six-pic deal – are rapidly underway.

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Now, it has to be noted that This Is Infamous is not exactly known for their track record with these things, and Deadline themselves also mention that they’ve heard that all the Ethan Hawke is nothing more than wild speculation based on Hawke’s past working relationship with Derrickson.

Whether it’s just wishful thinking or not, he has certainly shown the on-screen acting chops and dramatic gravitas that could truly sell this role, and the physical resemblance definitely works in his favour. But while he’s also a true veteran of the screen, he is not in the same pop culture league or has the awards momentum/cred as Hardy, Cumberbatch, Leto and Phoenix. He definitely ticks some of the checkboxes, but looking at that Marvel wishlist, it would seem that they have a different type of actor in mind, which leads me to believe that this is in fact nothing more than a rumour.

But honestly, I would not be displeased if this ended up being legit. Who else would you guys like to see in the role?

Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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