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Jim Carrey set to star in horror comic adaptation ALEISTER ARACANE

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There was a time when I loved Jim Carrey and there wasn’t any role that I felt he could not pull off and turn into a success. Sadly, much like with Nicholas Cage, that was a long time ago and almost everything he has been making lately has disappointed me. Its not that he has lost any of his talent, I just feel that his film choices have been rather poor. He tends to choose rather obscure movies or take on roles that don’t really stretch his abilities (Dumb and Dumberer To anyone?). He has versatility and has proved it in the past, he just needs to use it.

And he has attached himself to another obscure film, this time the long-in-development horror movie Aleister Aracane which will be directed by Eli Roth – another person who I fear is sadly on a downward trend. The film is based on a comic, which was written by Steven Niles in 2004 and focuses on a local TV horror host Aleister Aracane, who’s forced off the air due to the wishes of parents in an Oklahoma community. In the wake of Arcane’s unplanned retirement, unexplained terror and horror beset the town.

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The film, whose screenplay was written by Jon Croker, will center on a group of children who befriend this bitter old man ruined and shunned by their parents. After his death, only they have the power to thwart the curse he has laid upon their town. With the focus on the children in the screenplay, I suspect the film could have a slightly lighter tone than the comics – but Eli Roth is not exactly known for light and breezy either, so we will have to see

There is no official word on the exact role Jim Carrey is playing, but I would not be surprised if it is that of Aleister Aracane. Carrey has played a grumpy old character many times before and so would be a good fit for the movie. He hasn’t been funny in a while, so scaring us instead is right up his alley.

Last Updated: June 24, 2016

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