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Sanity prevails: Jonah Hill says MIB and JUMP STREET crossover unlikely to happen

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Sony has been toying with the idea of a Jump Street and Men in Black crossover since 2014 already. And I’m not sure why. It’s as if Jonah Hill got them high on too much of the good stuff and somehow the execs thought it might be a good idea. The idea was completely ludicrous, which is arguably why it might have actually worked, but the good news for those of us with more conservative tastes, is that it’s now likely not to happen. Thank goodness.

In a conversation with the Toronto Sun, Hill went on to share this bit of personal disappointment:

I had the idea. But I doubt that movie will get made.

I’m still personally intrigued to see what the idea of the film would be. It’s obvious Hill’s character would be revealed to be alien after-all, as there is no other way to describe the ridiculous behavior of his Jump Street character. Mind you, to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones kick some sense into his character could be fun after all. Hill though, believes the whole thing would just become too complicated:


They’re trying to make all the deals, but it’s kind of impossible with all the Men in Black stuff. The Jump Street films were so fun to make and the whole joke of them was they were making fun of remakes and sequels and reboots and then now it’s become a giant sequel, reboot. It’s almost become what we were making fun of and it’s hard to maintain that joke when it’s so high stakes.

I agree with what he is saying here. What the reboot of Jump Street did, was make a lot of fun of the original series and to use it as a platform to spoof another movie, might be stretching it a bit far. Perhaps, Jonah can rather just write a MIB spoof as a standalone film and run with it from there? It would be better than the ridiculous MIB 23 title that was doing the rounds.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Jonah Hill or his work – I just never bought the merging of the two franchises as a good idea. I may be in the minority here though. What do you think? Is it a good thing the film may no longer get made or were you looking forwarded to seeing how it all fitted together?

Last Updated: August 15, 2016

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