JURASSIC PARK 4 gets some monkey-lovin' writers

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Are we ever going to see a fourth outing to the Isla Sorna/Nubla parks? The idea of a fourth Jurassic Park has been floating around for years now, although lately, Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios have been getting a touch more serious with the dino-property.

They’ve tapped some new writers to get the project out of the extinction level event that is known as development hell, a duo of scribes who had previously worked a certain movie about apes rising. On a planet.

Park warden Steven Spielberg has been tossing a few ideas around lately, ideas which Rise of the planet of the apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver will hopefully pick up on, as they drum up a script.

Sounds like a decent match so far, considering how the two films share a similarity of man tampering with genetic forces, which inevitably went awry. Stick a jersey and pants on a Dinonychus however, and I’ll riot.

Spielberg won’t be directing the film however, as he’ll let someone else burden the responsibility instead, much like he did when he handed the third film over to Joe Johnston.

If you’re itching to watch the film on the big screen however, a post conversion 3D re-release is arriving next year, complete with clever girls learning to use that extra dimension.

Last Updated: June 21, 2012

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