Kevin Tancharoen talks Season 3 of MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY….. Wait, Season 3?!

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I wish there was some kind of positive catchphrase to be found in Mortal Kombat‘s lexicon, but instead it’s all FATALITY! and FINISH HIM!, which is all about death. And this post is really about bringing something back to life, as writer/director Kevin Tancharoen has just revealed that talks about another season of Mortal Kombat Legacy has just begun.

So, er… VITALITY?!

Now if your memory isn’t the rusty colander that mine is, you will remember that after a 7-minute long viral pitch video, two seasons of the Legacy webseries and a whole bunch of work in developing a new feature film, Tancharoen unexpectedly called it quits on all things Mortal Kombat. With him, the main driving force behind the franchise’s on-screen resurrection, out of the picture, it seems we would never get to see that MK movie.

Unfortunately, that state of affairs doesn’t appear to have changed, but according to Inquisitr, it looks as if Tancharoen is definitely up for another season of asskickery on the internet with Season 3 of Mortal Kombat Legacy.

“We are starting to talk about it literally this week (knock on wood). I’m starting to talk to Warner Bros. and the video game creators, so hopefully we can see it through.”

“[Mortal Kombat creator] Ed Boon and I are going to get together and chat and talk to Warner Bros. about figuring it out.”

MK Legacy (2)

Mortal Kombat Legacy‘s Season 2 (which you can go watch over here in its 10-episode entirety) was structurally a lot different to the first season, especially the rather cruel cliffhanger on which proceedings were ended (a tactic that Tancharoen admits “pissed off way too many people”). But all of these changes has been a learning experience, and Tancharoen will be applying those lessons to what comes next.

“With Legacy Season 1, it was kind of a big experiment. No one has done it before, and we didn’t know if should be an anthology or connected. We did the first one as an anthology and the second one more serialized. In the future, it will definitely be more connected and more cohesive…. We all feel right now that we have such a trajectory to the series. There are so many more stories to tell in that format.”

I would gladly rip Darryn’s head off, spine still dangling, in order to get a new Mortal Kombat movie in the gritty tone of Tancharoen’s original pitch trailer, but if that’s an impossibility now (which according to Tancharoen, it is), then I’d rather have more of the kickass web-series than nothing at all.

Last Updated: April 3, 2014

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