Ladies, prepare yourself for Isaac Newton, the first action hero!

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Blame a certain vampire-hunting American president for this idea. With historical figures now being tweaked to become more fictional and more ass-kicky every day, the latest renowned figure to receive that treatment is none other than the gravity law-keeper himself, Sir Isaac Newton.Warner Bros is currently looking at the idea, which will have Newton using his immense scietific skills to fight super-crime. Based on true events, but most likely tweaked to include more love interests, villains, conspiracies and explosions, the film will apparently focus on his time as the warden of the Royal Mint, and his efforts in stopping counterfeiters.

Rob “Dragon Emperor Mummies” Cohen is currently a lock to direct, while Gene Kirkwood will help produce the flick. As Kirkwood said to The Hollywood Reporter about the project:

We see this as a real opportunity to redefine the concept from day one, using multiple channels and outlets to more creatively develop and extend the characters and storyline while generating huge excitement in advance of the theatrical release.

All this retweaking of history has given me my own idea for a kickass film. Here’s my own synopsis;

When disaster threatens Britain and her many colonies, it’s up to a team of the worlds greatest minds and warriors to band together and put a stop to the dastardly deeds being perpetrated.

Isaac Newton, Galileo, Joan of Arc, Marco Polo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Vlad the Impaler ARE, The league of Extraordinary Expendables!

Last Updated: June 8, 2012

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