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LeBron James endorsement causing casting issues; Ryan Coogler to rewrite script for Space Jam 2

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There are a few ways of becoming big Hollywood stars these days. The most obvious is to have pure raw talent and just be a stellar actor. Though, even that is not enough and requires a large dosage of luck. Of course, you don’t need to be an outstanding actor to make it big in Hollywood, throw in some super-model good looks, be a WWE wrestler or be Adam Sandler.

There is another approach as well – and that is just bringing the money along with you.  That is at least what is happening for LeBron James and his efforts to make a sequel to the Michael Jordan vehicle Space Jam. As one of the biggest sports stars of all time (both physically and in reputation), he has not only paid his dues on the court, but wants to get in on the movie business. Something which his fame is helping with for this Space Jam sequel because not only can he easily get a star billing just on name alone, but thanks to his various endorsements, he can bring  lot of money to the production if he ensures the respective brands get their dues onscreen.

Something though that is turning out to be a double-edged sword as according to The Hollywood Reporter, the company is having a few issues finding other NBA stars to join the cast because their contracts do not allow them to wear or endorse Nike shoes, which James is endorsed by. It’s a rather humorous predicament that has befallen the production, as although the product placement of Nike is going to make financing a lot easier, it doesn’t allow them to necessarily get the desired players they were hoping to have. Though if you are a LeBron James fan, you would probably argue he doesn’t need other players on the court to still win games.

However, that doesn’t mean that the movie is going to be a wash-out at all, because the same article also reveals that none other than Creed and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler has been brought on board to rewrite the script for the film. Coogler has proven over the past few years that he knows how to balance deep character stories with solid on-screen action and if h can achieve the same impact with this Looney Tunes / NBA mash-up story, it could speak volumes to what the overall quality of the movie will be. Whether James has the acting credentials to pull it off though will be something else entirely.

Space Jam 2 is currently scheduled for release on July 16th 2021, so there is still plenty of time to work on this production. Not to mention give Nike even more time to perfect their marketing and merchandising strategy. Because believe me, they are going to milk it.

Last Updated: April 11, 2019

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