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LEGEND OF ZELDA may get a live-action series on Netflix

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I’d usually start a post of this nature complaining about how the television and film industry have been treading water by rehashing old IPs like a gaggle of ducks, but this time round I find myself biting my fist, hoping it to be real. The Wall Street Journahave reported that the popular video-on-demand service Netflix will be producing a live-action show based on the video game adventures of our green obsessed hero Link and his forever-in-a-spot-of-bother Princess Zelda. One can only assume it will be set in the magical kingdom of Hyrule but information at the moment is sketchy at best.

Of course this is not the first time the Nintendo video game has hit the small screen. I remember back in 1989 sitting glued to the screen for half hour sessions of Legend of Zelda: The Animated Series, watching my hero try to foil the machinations of Ganon, a baddie fully capable of kidnapping a princess but lacking any sort of conviction in knowing what to do after said fact. It was pretty bad to be honest and was completely aimed at the under ten market. Maybe Netflix will shake things up and make it a bit more adult? That I could get stuck into!

But I may be the only person thinking that. Over on social media daughter of deceased star Robin Williams Zelda Williams – who was named after the famous character –  questioned how a series would work saying:

zelda williams


I have to agree. Link really doesn’t say much and them poor chickens! Anyway, I can’t be let down any more than I was by the Sword of Truth series and there is always the new Shannara show by Terry Brooks which I am rather excited about! Let’s all hold thumbs and not break clay pots in anticipation!

Last Updated: February 10, 2015


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