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The LEGO Batman movie is bringing back Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face

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There’s a number of reasons why I love the 1989 Batman movie the most. Best batsuit. Best Batman in the form of Michael Keaton and the fact that he had a gadget specifically designed to turn the testicles of a knife-booted Joker henchmen into dust. But also, because it had the smoothest actor around being setup to portray one of the iconic villains of that character in a later movie.

That man was Billy Dee Williams, most famously known as being the only person of colour in an entire galaxy in two Star Wars movies. As District Attorney Harvey Dent, Williams was just one acid-attack away from becoming Two-Face. But that idea never happened, with Tommy Lee-Jones nabbing the role in the terribad Batman Forever. “I had hoped that I would have done Two-Face, but it changed hands before then, and I think Schumacher got involved. So they took a different direction with that,” Williams still said at Wizard World Nashville back in 2013.

But there is some justice on the horizon, as Williams will finally get to be Two-Face…’s voice in the upcoming Lego Batman movie. While Zach Galifianakis will still take the spotlight as the Joker, Williams will pop up as Two-Face, as was revealed by director Chris McKay on Twitter:

BDW Batman

And that’s a rad Easter egg when you think about it. Williams was originally going to have a larger role in Batman Returns before he’d return to menace the cast as Two-Face, but those plans fell through. Which is a damn shame when you consider Tommy Lee Jones’ performance, which consisted of him chewing all of the scenery, parts of the set and possibly even a few extras in the audience. What a weird time the 1990s were.

The Lego Batman movie once again stars Will Arnett as the best movie Batman right now, with Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera and Mariah Carey also lending their vocal pipes to the film. It’ll be out next year on February 10. BECAUSE DARKNESS IS FEBRUARY!


Last Updated: December 1, 2016


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