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Lexi Alexander defends cult classic PUNISHER WAR ZONE

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Yes, Punisher: War Zone is a cult classic. Even if it’s not, I will it to be by the power of the blog backend we’ve got going here. It certainly deserves it.

Well, the movie’s director, Lexi Alexander, has come out to defend her work, saying categorically that she liked it. Alexander also feels that her Punisher was being held up to an unfairly high measure:

Here I am, it’s not even Marvel [Studios] doing it — it’s Lionsgate financing it. I’m here with $22 million making “The Punisher” and it didn’t occur to me that I would be going out there compared to the big boys. I thought we were making this. And I still think that we should be making all budget levels comic book films — they don’t all have to be $300 million films, in my opinion. … I didn’t see anything wrong with it. What I didn’t expect is this reaction to, “Oh my God, why didn’t you do it like ‘Dark Knight?’”

Okay, you could say she’s blaming external forces on War Zone flopping – it wasn’t a fantastic movie. But it did what it said on the tin and, in my mind, delivered an authentic Punisher experience. Alexander says as much:

And I’m prouder now than I was back then because back then I thought, “maybe this does really suck.” And now I’m like, no, this was a deliberate choice. Everything that was cheesy in it, over the top, B-movie-ish, was a deliberate choice. And everybody going in knew that. That was my pitch. My pitch was literally “Let’s take this back to the ’80s and make a B-movie, cheesy [sic] and base it on exactly this MAX series of ‘Punisher.’” And we got exactly that.

I just hope that his upcoming appearances in Netflix’s Daredevil will hold true to some of this.

Here’s the interview:

Last Updated: February 1, 2016


  1. It had excellent action. Story was rubbish. Ray Stevenson looked the part but his accent didn’t play along.


    • James Francis

      February 1, 2016 at 14:13

      True, but that’s why I like her point that it was meant to be a b-movie. Besides, it’s Punisher – who needs a story?!


  2. The Sten

    February 1, 2016 at 15:50

    Loved Thomas Jane’s Punisher and all things considered, it was the better movie. But I still enjoyed the hell out of War Zone.



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