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Liam Neeson prepares to kick ass in an airplane

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Some people call them theatrical films showcasing the aging, yet somehow still awesome Liam Neeson, while I firmly believe that these masterpieces just happen to actually be home movies that have been slightly re-edited to include other actors, titles and less car chases.

After kicking all kinds of titanic ass in Wrath of the Titans, killing several sex ring traffikers, and teaching wolves what happens when skin meets broken glass, the Irishman is returning for another round of carnage, this time in the horror of the cattle-class section of an aircraft flight.

Neeson is currently in final negotiations for the part for Non-Stop, which will pair him once again with producer Joel Silver, after their last team up in Unknown.

Jeff Wadlow is currently attached to direct based on a script from writers Chris Roach and John Richardson, Variety reports, which will star Neeson as a stressed Air Marshal who happens to be on the flight that is hijacked by nefarious forces.

So probably more middle-eastern terrorists then.

In the meanwhile, you can catch Neeson flexing his godhood in Wrath of the Titans, as well as the upcoming Battleship and Taken 2.

Last Updated: April 4, 2012

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