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Lionsgate finds itself Walking With Chaos

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Adaptations of popular books are all the rage these days. Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games are just a few examples of books going big on the silver screen, so it should come as no surprise to hear that movie studios are always on the lookout for that next big literary hit.

And Lionsgate, fresh off the positive press of The Hunger Games, may have found just that, with Chaos Walking.

Written by Patrick Ness, the trilogy of books finds itself set in a dystopian city, ruled by the iron fist of Mayor Prentiss. He’s so damn good at his job in fact, that he has managed to convince the populace that there be nothing outside those city walls. NOTHING!

Charlie Kaufman has been tasked with adapting the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go into a feature film, and if successful, that should pave the way for the other two books, The Ask and the Answer and Monsters of Men to get the big screen treatment.

All Lionsgate needs now is another capable director, and they might be rolling in Scrooge McDuck levels of cash soon.

Last Updated: April 24, 2012

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