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Lobo, Doomsday and Brainiac are all up to no good in the trailer for Krypton season 2

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As mentioned before, when it came to SyFy’s Superman prequel series Krypton, I was quite late to the party. And apparently, a Krypton party ain’t a party unless your planet is facing complete destruction. The first season of the show saw Supes’ grandpappy Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) try to ensure his famous superhero progeny would one day actually show up (he got some hints from a time-travelling Adam Strange) as Krypton’s classist social systems got upended by rebellion.

That rebellion has led to the timeline going all wacky and Superman essentially being erased from the future as General Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon) ended up in charge, after making a deal with the city-stealing alien despot Brainiac. That was just the tip of the Kryptonian iceberg though as the unstoppable monster Doomsday escaped confinement and Seg-El’s plan to trap Brainiac in the Phantom Zone backfired as he got stuck there himself. Truly it was a bad day to be a hero.

Unfortunately for Seg-El, his bad days are about to get a whole lot worse as he’ll now also have to deal with the Main Man. Yes, as promised, that fraggin’ bastich bounty hunter Lobo is finally making his live-action debut in the upcoming season and you can now see him – and the other baddies – do their thing in the new trailer for Krypton season 2.

Yeah… I have to say I’m not entirely sold on Emmet J. Scanlan’s take on Lobo here. Besides for not being big enough for my liking, his voice sounds too… nice? I always heard Lobo in my mind having this gruff voice, which is exactly what they gave him in previous animated appearances. This just isn’t very Lobo-ish aurally, but let’s hope Scanlan makes up for that in attitude.

One thing I am definitely digging though is Doomsday, who looks like he stepped straight off the comic book page. Y’know, as opposed to a third rate Lord of the Rings cave troll. (Oh hey there, Batman v Superman! Didn’t even notice you come in!) Poor old Seg-El is in for a disastrous time!

Krypton season 2 is scheduled for release in the US on 12 June 2019. We should hopefully get it not too soon thereafter. Also if you’re in the US, you can now stream the entire first season on the DC Universe app.

Last Updated: May 14, 2019

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