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Lock, stock and shiver me timbers! Guy Ritchie is setting sail for Treasure Island!

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Thanks to the two successful Sherlock Holmes films starring Jude Law and an unintelligible Robert Downey Jr, Guy Ritchie is currently in high spirits, as is distributor Warner Bros.

They’ve got the director on board now for a new attempt at bringing back the Robert Louis Stevenson time honoured tale, Treasure Island, for a whole new audience.

The catch? It’s going to be set in the modern day.If that has your blood boiling, then calm down. The idea for a rebooted reimagining is currently the brain child of Lionel “Sherlock” Wigram, who happens to be a producer on the BBC series starring the sleuth with a mind palace.

Alex Harakis has currently been tasked with penning a draft for the project, which means that he’ll have plenty of time to do so, as Ritchie is currently prepping to begin work a Man from U.N.C.L.E film.

Add in a rumour or two that Ritchie may also be helming a Dom Deluise-less Cannonball Run film, and you have a project that may still be a few years from realisation.

Still, if Ritchie does come on board, it’s easy enough to imagine his trademark British gangsters sailing on the high sea for some sort of ultimate score.

Plus, seeing as how I’ve pretty much Treasure Planet far too many times already, I’m seriously in need of a new spin on an old favourite.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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