Logan director James Mangold keen to make more films about X-23

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One of the exciting characters coming out of the new Wolverine film, Logan, is X-23 (played by Dafne Keen), a girl with the same abilities and similarly haunting past as the wolf man himself. With the character also being much younger, there is also the opportunity to build more of a story around her for the future as well, something which Logan director James Mangold would like to keep telling.

In an interview with We Got This Covered, the director was asked if he would be interested in tacking other comic book characters in the near future:

I think Dafne [Keen] is incredible in the film and I would love to see another film about that character and that’s certainly something I’d be involved in. For me that was one of the big additions I brought to the table, this decision to try to make the film about family and to try to insert Laura and the pressures that would put and the idea about Charles ailing.

I actually love that idea for a film. Not only would it allow us to explore more about this exciting character, but it also gives us more opportunity to see Patrick Stewart play Charles Xavier in the role of shepherding a new generation of mutants while he continues to deal with his own inner demons.

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One of the obstacles that does stand in the way of any further X-23 storytelling is the young age of the character in Logan. Firstly the actual character of X-23 is much older in the comics, so they would likely have to tell some form of origin stories to get the character there or break from the comic book legacy to make it a reality.

It might be a little early for us to talk about a potential spin-off of the Wolverine movie, considering 20th century Fox will likely want to see how audiences take to this last film featuring Hugh Jackman. If the character of Laura/X-23 is well-received though, then we could certainly see something in store for the future. It would require the studio maintaining two separate time-lines considering Logan is taking place in the future world of X-Men, much later than the current cast of X-Men characters, which is something the studio would also need to consider.

I’ll personally hold my reservations until I’ve seen the new film. I’m looking forward to the darkened and grittier tone of the film, something which any film starring Keen is likely to have, so it might be the last opportunity in a long time we get to see an X-Men movie like this.

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Last Updated: February 20, 2017

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