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Looks like that Patriotic villain is not going to be in Iron Man 3 after all

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Remember those on-set spy pics of Iron Man 3 that popped up a short while back, showing off a new set of armour sporting a very distinctive colour scheme? Of course you do, you still had a geek induced brain aneurysm because of it. That’s not the kind of thing you forget.

Yeah, well it turns out we may have been popping nerd boners all for nothing.

Oh and while none of this is confirmed yet, a general SPOILER WARNING is still in effect.










The reason for our state of lost minds, was of course the fact the star spangled armour looked exactly like that of Iron Patriot, a persona that Norman Osborn adopted in comics during his Dark Reign. The very same Norman Osborn who has been making Spider-Man’s life a living hell, while also promoting Halloween like no other villain before him. (Now do you see why we had all contracted geek-rabies and were all foaming at the mouth?)

Since Sony currently owns the rights to the Spider-Man franchise, it could not have been Osborn under the armour, leading to speculation that James Badge Dale’s character, Eric Savin, was donning the red, white and blue armour before adopting his regular alter-ego of Coldblood. Especially since the blurry shots showed somebody who could maybe have been Badge Dale. (Let’s see now, he has a head? Check. And Hair? Check. Also a white face? Check. Yep, that must be Dale!)

If Latino Review‘s scoop turns out to be true though, then it looks like there is a much more mundane answer.

“That armor you’ve been seeing? That’s not Iron Patriot, that’s War Machine and this is all based on a “hey that white guy must be James Badge Dale” mistake made by a photo service or a gossip site…”

“It’s not a movie star, it’s just a white guy. A very nice stunt man who allowed Don Cheadle to not be on set that day.”

“We’re getting this from someone on set who says what we’re all calling “Iron Patriot” is Don Cheadle’s new armor…”

“The US Government has had their hands on this Stark suit for awhile, and apparently they’ve decided to make it more patriotic…”.

So that’s it? It’s a just a new paint job? Nothing to see here. Move along.

Last Updated: June 12, 2012

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