Looks like there can be only none for the HIGHLANDER reboot, as Ryan Reynolds drops out

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Remember Highlander, the rulesh of the game. No battling on holy fanboy ground, and you musht take the head of the franchishe if you want to win. Yesh. It looks like dark days for the upcoming reboot of the cult classic film, which spawned a sequel that could only be understood while tripping LSD, a few more unbearable films and one fantastic TV series.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left the project back in November last year, and now Ryan Reynolds has also dropped out of the picture race to be the one.

Highlander Movie

According to the Wrap, the departure of Fresnadillo, who spent over a year in pre-production on the film, is the reason why Reynolds has decided to leave.

Reynolds would have assumed the role of Scottish immortal Connor McLeod, as he battles through the ages to be the last immortal standing, ending in a final conflict with the Kurgan who has hounded him over the centuries. Summit Entertainment now has to move quickly to not only find a new director, but a new star as well. On the plus side, they’ve got plenty of material to do so, thanks to the revolving door of writers that have lent some quickening drafts to the project.

At the same time, the loss of Reynolds could actually be beneficial. A new director means a new leading man, which probably also means a less prohibitive salary that the actor will be paid in the end.

Last Updated: June 18, 2013

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