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Mads Mikkelson talks about how DOCTOR STRANGE will add something completely different to the MCU

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has certainly changed a lot since it was first introduced. They started with Iron Man, which took a very grounded and real world approach to introduce the first hero to the masses and slowly added more diverse and crazy elements eventually getting to the point where we could watch movies like Guardians of the Galaxy with its talking raccoon and accept it as easily fitting into the cannon of films. It’s certainly quite a journey that they have taken us on, but one which has been well played by Marvel up to this point, in fitting everything together.

And they are going to further be expanding their Universe to add additional elements to the fray with their next release into the universe, Doctor Strange, which looks to introduce elements of fantasy and magic into the realm as well. And one of the film’s cast members Mads Mikkelsen, in speaking with Yahoo Movies, agrees that this is what we can expect in the film:

If you look at the comic books, the comic books are quite different [to other Marvel stories]. I think that the film will be different from the other [Marvel] films that we’ve seen, but not as different as the books are, because that was basically the ‘60s and ‘70s – it was more like an acid trip. We’ve taken that fascination of the time into something we can relate to today, so you still have the energy, you still have the colours, you still have the madness, but you also have something you can identify with. I think that was a necessity – if not, you would just make a crazy film. But you still have it there – you have all the action, all the good ingredients you get in a Marvel film, but it will have a different flavour, that’s for sure.

It’s certainly a big risk for Marvel adding magic into the mix and especially how they connect the dots with it and a world that appears much different in the rest of the MCU. Many studios may have opted to take the easy way out and just keep it separate even though it’s all linked in the comics, but Marvel is sticking to their stories and believe it can all come together and audiences can believe that magic fits into this sci-fi world as well. If anyone can pull this risk off though, it is certainly Marvel.


Not much is known about Mikkelsen’s character yet, other than that he has broken away from The Ancient One (played by Tilda Swinton) to form his own magical sect. However, although he has a contentious history with the film’s chief protagonist, he doesn’t really view his character as a clear villain in the film:

He’s not a villain in that way – he’s a man who believes in something else than the hero. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to make the planet look wonderful or he wants to save the world as well, but he has a different way of doing it. He is the antagonist, of course, but he’s not necessarily wrong.

I like the idea of having villains that have motives that can work and believe in and hopefully it’s something they build into the story and make it meatier than your typical good versus bad guy approach. Marvel won’t likely be giving any of these details away, so we will have to wait until November 4, 2016 to get to see how the setting and his character all play out.

Are you excited for Doctor Strange and what it brings to the MCU or do you think magic might be a little too different and that it should’ve perhaps been dealt with as a separate movie on its own?

Last Updated: June 14, 2016

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  1. LegionZA

    June 15, 2016 at 09:12

    I am definitely psyched for this. Will be interesting to see the mystical side of the MCU, not the Thor magic that’s more science type thing


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