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Mark Wahlberg is an Avon man

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20th Century Fox has been looking to get their comedy film, Avon Man out of the gates for a few years now, and it looks like the project just got a shot in the arm, thanks to Marky Mark.

The busy actor has currently attached himself to the project, which he’ll star in and produce.

Originally meant to star Hugh Jackman back in 2009, Avon man is about a former car salesman, who takes up the moisturising suitcase gig, only to find real success in the venture due to his natural charm, resulting in him becoming the number one Avon rep.

Cue wacky antics, a struggling town, and roped-in colleagues learning the secrets of the trade, and you’ve got yourself a family friendly comedy. Kevin “Enchanted” Lima was originally going to helm the film, but he left for newer ventures, leaving Wahlberg to work on a new script with writer Michael “Austin Powers” McCullers, Deadline reports.

It’ll still be awhile before Wahlberg starts filming on this one, as he’s currently working on several projects, such as Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, as well as 2 Guns, Ted, Broken City and Lone Survivor.

Last Updated: April 20, 2012

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