Matt Reeves has broken off negotiations to direct The Batman

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Holy director changes, Batman! It would appear that Warner Bros. may need to start shining that Bat-signal in the sky once more, as THR are now reporting that Matt Reeves has broken off negotiations with the studio to helm The Batman. Reeves of course replaced original director Ben Affleck just over a week ago, after Affleck famously exited the film, in which he is starring as the Caped Crusader, as well as producing and co-wrote with DC Comics’ Geoff Johns.

At the time Affleck cited his inability to perform all the tasks of actor, director, writer and producer to the level of quality he feels the beloved character demands as his reason for vacating the director’s chair. A fair assessment, seeing as how the Oscar-winning filmmaker clearly took it a bit personally when last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was lambasted by critics, despite Affleck actually doing his job as Batman really well. He’s already been at the center of one standalone super hero movie turning to crap in Daredevil, and the pressure to prevent the same from happening to The Batman must have been immense.

THR’s sources don’t provide a reason for why Reeves is now backing out of the DC Comics movie, only stating that “negotiations have broken down”. They do go on to add though that there is a possibility that both Reeves and Warner Bros. would be willing to return to the negotiations table at a later stage “when heads cool”, but that “the studio is intent on making the movie no matter what as the Batman franchise has proven to bigger than one person”.

Reeves is currently busy on post-production for the highly anticipated War of the Planet of the Apes, the third in the massively successful classic sci-fi franchise reboot and the follow-up to Reeves’ own critically acclaimed Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Scheduling between the two productions shouldn’t be a problem as The Batman will more than likely only be released in 2019, so there has to another reason for his exit.

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Before Reeves got the nod last week, there had been rumours that Warner Bros. had also been considering hot newcomer Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe, Evil Dead) and, surprisingly, also veteran Ridley Scott (Too many amazing movies to mention). The latter seemed a very unlikely choice to be helming a superhero comic book movie, as that really doesn’t seem to fit with the four-time Oscar nominated filmmaker’s style. But we’re also now living in a world where Mel Gibson might just direct the Suicide Squad sequel, so who knows anymore.

Last Updated: February 20, 2017

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  • Grimsupanoob

    Will say it again and again, till someone listens…. Get KEVIN SMITH to direct….

    • The problem is that excluding what he’s done on a couple eps of The Flash recently, his last few directing gigs have not been that great. Yes his geek credentials are second to none and he has a real passion for the source material, but I just don’t see a world where WB hands over the reins to a guy whose last movie was Yoga Hosers.

      • Grimsupanoob

        Granted… But consider this…

        WB has nothing to lose… The DCEU has so far been pretty Meh to say the least.

        Yup the flash and Supergirl episodes have been great, and yes he has made a dud or 2., however… Batfleck and Smith have a long history together, and it has worked out every time… Secondly..yes he has the geek credentials…

        What other options do we have make it a Bayplosion movie? Or another lensflare abrahams one?

        We need a fresh perspective of someone that knows what they are doing and have the balls to pull it off…

  • Original Heretic

    They should give it to M Night Shyamalan. Heh, be interesting to see the twist he brings to it.

    “WHAT?!? Bruce Wayne is actually dead and THIS Batman is actually Dick Grayson?!”

  • Captain JJ

    With everything surrounding this new Batman (as awesome as Ben is as Batman) it’s not looking too good for its future.

    • Lu

      Yeah it’s sad. First great batman in ages (Bale is waaay overrated in my opinion) and stupid back end crap is hindering it.

      • Captain JJ

        I enjoyed Bale, as a “real world” interpretation. But Ben feels like a real brawler Batman, not a dancing ninja Batman. And I like that. Now all they need to still get right is the Joker and they’d have some gold here.

        • Lu

          Haha dual conversations. I agree. Maybe they can mature him somehow. Like take him from SeweragePipe Squad gangsta Joker to the more serious old school gangster Joker. Watched Assault on Arkham this weekend (think it was you who suggetsed it). Now if they could pull that Joker off they’d have a win.

          • Captain JJ

            Hehe. Yes, it was me. 🙂 I agree.

          • Lu

            I can concur that it is the only true Suicide Squad (they really took the name literally) movie.

          • Captain JJ

            Yea man.

  • Unavengedavo

    Seems like all that the Joker needed to defeat Batman, was Hollywood politics O_o

    • Captain JJ

      Except that the new Joker was defeated the moment they unveiled him 😛

      • Lu

        I kinda liked Leto’s joker (yeah get the stake to burn me). He was just utilized incorrectly I rate

        • Captain JJ

          Leto is the right guy and he did a decent job at a horribly designed character.

          • Unavengedavo

            Think he suffered from the same as Ben did in Daredevil. Bad directing and kak editing.

          • Captain JJ

            And a character that was taken straight off the streets of Michells Plein. XD

          • Lu

            “Ek gaan djou nie vrek maakie. Net rerig, rerig opfok”

          • Captain JJ


          • Lu

            Actually they could’ve gotten that tool form Die Antwoord to do it. No acting/makeup required

  • Give it to Zack Snyder for all I care. The DC cinematic universe is dead to me. Except the Lego stuff.

    Lego Batman Rocks!

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