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Matthew McConaughey is high on life in this red band trailer for The Beach Bum

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Acting is not always easy. While the high-life actors live makes it look like the dream job, the amount of effort it can take to sometimes immerse yourself into a role is often quite strenuous and time-consuming. However every now and then actors get roles that are so easily suited for them to play, that they simply need to show up, be themselves and cash-in a paycheque to earn some easy money.

It’s that latter which appears to be on display for Matthew McConaughey in this new trailer for Beach Bum. While there is no doubt some added dramatic brevity and depth to the movie that this new red-band trailer doesn’t show, it really does look like a movie which is essentially starring McConaughey being his typical self.

True, I don’t know him personally, but I wouldn’t be surprised that if you were to run a cross-section through all of his movie roles and try and look for what the average role would look like, that Beach Bum’s Moondog would probably be the end result. Take a look for yourself:

Beach Bum comes from the mind of Harmony Korine, who if you’re familiar with some of his early movies like Kids and Gummo, you know that he is not afraid to stretch the boundaries of cinematic acceptability and tells stories in a very honest fashion.

You can definitely tell, that while Korine is no doubt a bit more restrained here as he is now directing bigger movies that need to have a wider appeal, he still has the flair for the shocking. Expect the final film to definitely be a very open and unsubtle look at what a life of drugs and partying can do to you.

Beach Bum is scheduled for release on March 22 this year with a supporting cast of Zac Efron, Isla Fischer, Martin Lawrence, Snoop Dogg, and Jonah Hill. Those last two actors in the list should tell you all you need to know about the kind of dark humour you are likely to find in this movie.

Last Updated: January 24, 2019

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