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Meet the Meowscular chef in this Chinese trailer for Monster Hunter

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Christmas is around the corner. This means that it’s time for fake trees, crowded shopping malls, failing debit orders, and earmuffs as you try and drown out your neighbour wanting to play Boney M all day long. But hey, if it gets too much for you, at least you can always head out to the local cinemas and watch the upcoming Monster Hunter movie, if you feel like risking your health and sanity.

If for some reason you are down to watch human warriors fight off a few CGI monsters, then this new Chinese trailer for Monster Hunter should be right up your alley as it introduces us to Meowscular Chef, one of the most popular Felynes in the game series who cooks up mouth-watering dishes for Hunters before they embark on their quests. Yes, no one said this was ever going to be a good movie, but at least director Paul W. S. Anderson is trying to be faithful to the games:

While this trailer still doesn’t get me excited about Monster Hunter, the visual effects and scale of the monsters are at least looking particularly impressive and if anything, this movie should at least provide plenty of popcorn entertainment even if your brain hurts when you’re done watching it. It looks like a fun enough diversion, especially if you are a fan of the games too. I also like how this trailer focuses more on the fantasy setting rather than the big military gun fetish that is clearly aimed at the US audiences.

Monster Hunter is scheduled for release on Christmas Day and may provide some of the better monsters vying for your attention on that day.

Last Updated: November 27, 2020

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