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Mega Man movie still in development; gets Batman writer

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Mega Man movie still in development; gets Batman writer 2

Few gaming properties are as revered as Mega Man, the popular video game character that first arrived in Nintendo games back in the 80s and has since spawned numerous sequels and features in a variety of animated TV shows. With Hollywood’s willingness to adapt popular video games into movies (regardless of how terrible they may be), it’s almost surprising that we haven’t had a proper Mega Man movie yet.

That was supposed to change back in 2015 when 20th Century Fox acquired the rights from Capcom to create the Mega Man movie for fans. That initial attempt at making the movie never quite came to fruition and once 20th Century Fox was acquired by Disney, many believed that the idea might be well and truly dead with Disney instead focusing on more established IPs from Fox.

Turns out somewhere, someone at Disney is still a Mega Man fan though as according to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Tomlin, co-writer of the current Batman movie, has been brought in to write a script for the movie. Something which he went on to confirm via Twitter:

There are no further details or releases dates for the project just yet, but I guess for many fans, a Mega Man movie in development is probably better than none at all. Unless the CGI on this movie turns out to be like Sonic the Hedgehog (another Capcom development), in which case they are going to get themselves as far away from any potential nightmare fuel and keep the legacy of this popular character to the games it was intended.

Last Updated: January 24, 2020

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