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Mel Gibson is a real success story in this first trailer for BLOOD FATHER

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Man, it sure is a pity that Mel Gibson apparently hates the world (but not cheese burgers off the floor though!) and practically got himself excommunicated in Hollywood thanks to his violent, hate-filled antics, because damn can the guy make movies. He’s been slowly but sure working his way off the naughty list though – proving that Tinsel Town will forgive just about anything – and as a result has his highest profile gig in ages lined up for later this year in Hacksaw Ridge, which sees him direct and lead an all-star cast for a gritty WWII action-drama. But before that though, he needs to pay some bills.

Enter Blood Father, which on the surface looks like it came from the “Liam Neeson Was Too Busy So We Had To Get Somebody Else” pile of screenplays. Gibson plays a vengeful father who has to protect his daughter from criminal scum – so far, so familiar – but the twist is that the dad was himself a criminal and “perennial screw-up” instead of the badass ou toppies with a certain set of skills that we usually see in these things. Not that that stops Gibson from still being a badass on screen. Just have a look at the first trailer below to see for yourself.

After her drug kingpin boyfriend frames her for stealing a fortune in cartel cash, 18 year old Lydia (Moriarty) goes on the run, with only one ally in this whole wide world: her perennial screw-up of a dad, John Link (Gibson), who’s been a drunk, a drug addict, a motorcycle outlaw, and a convict in his time, and now is determined to keep his little girl from harm and, for once in his life, do the right thing…

Blood Father was directed Jean-François Richet, who also helmed the surprisingly decent remake of Assault on Precinct 13, and also stars Erin Moriarty, William H Macy, Diego Luna and Thomas Mann. It is scheduled for release in August 2016.

Last Updated: April 5, 2016

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  1. James Francis

    April 6, 2016 at 12:12

    So the crazy guy from Lethal Weapon plays a bad-ass Liam Neeson type? Sign me up!


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