Midweek Movie Mouth-off: IMAX – is it worth it?

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Confession time: I have yet to see a movie on IMAX.

Firstly, I’m lazy. I hardly ever go to the cinema in the first place, but when I do I go to the closest one to my house. The closest IMAX theatre to me is in Pretoria which is just way too far to drive. Secondly, I’m cheap. Cinema tickets are expensive when you don’t have all the different benefits cards that give you discounts, and if I went to the movies as often as I’d like, I’d probably be broke. IMAX tickets are even more expensive than your regular tickets, with their own special IMAX 3D glasses that you need as well. Oh right, and the 3D. Thirdly, I really, really don’t like 3D.

But, from what I’ve read (in press releases and otherwise), the visual quality is incredible, the sound is amazing, and the screen itself is so freaking huge you can’t help but get suckered in to the movie you’re watching.

So I want to know from everyone that’s been to see a movie on IMAX, is it worth it? Are you so enamoured with IMAX that you’d go see whatever’s showing, or do you save it for specific movies? What are your thoughts on the whole experience?

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Last Updated: April 8, 2015

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