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Midweek Movie Mouth Off: the best plot twist of all time

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Before we start, I’d like to go ahead and slap a big SPOILER WARNING on the comments section. I won’t be spoiling any plot twists in the article, but enter the discussion at your own risk!

From the earlier days of cinema with Psycho, to cult classics like Fight Club or more recent Oscar contenders like Gone Girl, a good plot twist can completely change a movie, elevating it from merely decent or even pretty good to totally mind-blowing. A well thought out plot twist instantly makes a movie re-watchable and makes sure that you’ll keep thinking about it for weeks to come. Except for most of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies. Once you’re known as “the plot twist guy” it kind of loses its edge.

One of the plot twists that left my jaw on the floor was Shutter Island. As a murder mystery type thriller it kept me guessing, but the masterful ending completely surprised me, taking the story in a direction I never expected it to go. It made me want to watch it again almost instantly, just to look for more clues.

So, in your opinion, which movie has had the most memorable plot twist?

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Last Updated: August 26, 2015

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