Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: the perfect casting choice

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It’s not very common to have an actor fit a potential role perfectly, be it in terms of looks or acting style. After all, they’re actors, they’re supposed to make themselves fit the roles and pull it off – it’s kind of what they get paid to do. You just have to remember the way everyone was up in arms over the choice of Ben Affleck for Batman in Batman v Superman: The Most Unwieldly Movie Title Ever. No one could see it, everyone hated it, but when the first images and trailer came out people pretty much shut up about it.

But occasionally, you get someone that comes along that has got to be the most perfect choice. In looks and mannerisms, they embody everything about a character already and it would be criminal not to cast them. I’m referring of course to Stephen Lang’s campaign to star as Cable in Deadpool 2. Yeah, that’s pretty much spot on. We saw him in Avatar, we know he can pull this off, so here’s hoping he gets it.

But I’m sure we all have those perfect casting choices in mind, those favourite books or comics or games of ours that could only be brought to life on the big screen if they got someone specific as the lead. Who are your dream casting jobs for the characters you want to see on screen?

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Last Updated: February 17, 2016

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