Midweek Movie Mouth-off: What are you watching this Halloween?

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The month of scary movies is almost over! While I might be excited about it, I’m sure most of you are looking forward to watching a freaky film this Friday night.

There are loads of great movies to watch on Halloween, from new releases in cinema like Horns or Oculus (both releasing this Friday) to your older classics like Halloween or The Evil Dead. You’ve also got the well-known, mainstream scary stories like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream (anything by Wes Craven, really) versus the obscure like… well, James is our resident cinophile, ask him!

So what are your plans for this Friday night? Will you be hitting the cinemas for a shared scary experience, or will you be at home with the lights out watching your go-to Halloween movie? Personally, I’ll be hiding until it’s all over, so let me know what I’m missing out on!

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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