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MindStir Media 2022 REVIEW: The Best Self-Publishing Company?

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It’s not easy for authors to get their works published sometimes, but MindStir Media was created to make things really simple for them, and allow authors at any level of experience to see their work published.

In our review, we’re going to look at MindStir Media and what they offer, giving you our assessment of their value.

What Does MindStir Media Offer?

The company has a unique business model that is designed to work for writers. It gives them all the tools and resources they need to publish their books the way they want. From marketing, to printing, to illustrating, and everything in between, it’s all offered in one place. Writers can choose the publishing package they want, taking their books from concept to printed page and even mass market release through this one company.

MindStir Media can design and create the cover, handle interior design on the book, and even distribute the book through major retailers like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more. 

On top of all that, the founder of the company, J.J. Hebert, provides mentoring for authors to help them get their books published. He is a published author himself, so he knows the business well.

The company’s marketing packages include features like an advertising campaign of one to three months, a trailer for your book, the website, and even professional reviews to help give your book some prestige and a level of authenticity it would otherwise be lacking. 

They offer a print-on-demand service as well, so you can pay for only the books you need printed at the time to fulfill orders or set up book signings and other events. 

How Much Does It Cost?

It takes a lot of money for a publishing company to take a chance on a writer and publish their book, getting it out to bookstores and various markets. Writers can self-publish through MindStir with packages that start at $2,999.

There are several different packages they offer, each of which provide a different set of services meant to help get the book to the general public. Lower tier packages mean no book royalties for the writer, whereas the standard package gives the author 50% royalties for both digital and physical sales.

Our Assessment

MindStir Media makes things really easy for authors who are having trouble with the traditional publishing route or who just want to handle things their way. The full suite of features and services they provide give authors lots of freedom and ensure they can get their book published exactly how they want. We highly recommend this service to anyone looking to self-publish and make their book release as professional as possible. 

Last Updated: September 21, 2022

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