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Monday Box Office Report

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Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the U.S.S Box Office. It’s five week mission, to seek new number one spots on lists of ten, to bravely make lots of money and to boldly sequel where no sequel has sequeled before! Lens Flare warp factor 9 Mr Kloete!

Coming out of light speed this past weekend, the latest Star Trek sequel did indeed have the power to put the current, armoured king of the box office back into the second spot. Star Trek Into Darkness claimed the top spot at the North American box office with a $70 million gross.

Still, this particular number one spot was done with a slight dissapointment, as the four year old Star Trek movie that JJ Abrams first directed arrived back then with a three day total of $75.6 million back then. As for the armoured adventure Tony Stark, Iron Man 3 still did some good business, with over $35 million taken in to add to its worldwide total that crossed the billion dollar mark recently. Here’s a look at how everyone else did:

  • Star Trek Into Darkness – $70 Million
  • Iron Man 3 – $35.1 Million
  • The Great Gatsby – $24.3 Million
  • Pain and Gain – $4.1 Million
  • The Croods – $2.75 Million
  • 42 – $2.73 Million
  • Oblivion – $2.2 Million
  • Mud – $2.16 Million
  • Tyler Perry presents Peeples – $2.15 Million
  • The Big Wedding – $1.1 Million

Tyler Perry managed to hang in with a ninth place grip for his name-attached Peeples movie, dropping sharply from last week’s number four spot oh lerd, while bigger contender The Great Gatsby saw a steeper decline over the weekend, yet managed to hang in at third place. The big success story though, is The Croods. After 9 weeks of hanging out in the top ten, the film has banked an impressive $550 million worldwide, although this will most likely sharply decline when the animated Epic arrives this weekend to usurp that position.

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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