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Monday Box Office Report – Captain America pushes Marvel past the $10 billion mark!

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For a hero who is supposedly all about the little guy, Steve Rogerssure is sitting comfy as the King of the Hill. The Hill in this case being the US box office which once again saw Captain America: Civil War claim the top spot after its no.1 debut last week. The latest Marvel movie brought in a huge $72.5 million dollars, which is the 8th highest second-weekend gross in US box office history. Pretty impressive for a 75 year-old guy who just fights his friends.

Globally, Civil War added another $84.2 million, taking one huge step closer to becoming the first $1 billion earner for 2016, as it currently sits with an international total $940 million. Expect that $1 billion milestone to be reached by next weekend, if not sooner. Another milestone that’s already fallen, is that Civil War‘s earning now pushes the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ total gross pass $10 billion after thirteen movies. The first Avengers contributed the most in that slate with $1.5 billion internationally.

And over in second place, there was also no movement as The Jungle Book held its position with a $17.7 million haul. Domestically it’s currently sitting on $310 million, while globally it boast a massive $828 million total. The same one-two punch combination of Civil War and Jungle Book from Disney for a second week meant that once again any other entries on the Top 10 charts were really just there to pick up the scraps.


And the Jodie Foster directed Money Monster, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, showed that it was more than happy to scarf down whatever came its way. With no super-soldiers or super-CGI to attract the masses, the drama-thriller still performed better than expected with a 3rd place worthy $15 million. That’s already more than half its production budget, with the film still set to open internationally.

Meanwhile, America proved that besides for money they also loved bacon, as the Kevin Bacon fronted micro-budget horror flick The Darkness opened to a great $5.18 million. You might be wondering how I could consider such a relatively low opening good. Well, just like most other Blumhouse Productions horrors, The Darkness is only sporting a production budget of around $5 million. Count in international profits when it eventually opens wide and it’s almost guaranteed to be a financial success.


Very uncertain of similar success is Mother’s Day, which managed to turn it’s holiday timed opening last week into a decent $11 million take. Unfortunately, it seems that people then rapidly caught onto the fact that the movie is apparently terrible, as very few showed up to watch it in its second week. With a ginormous 70% drop in income, this week saw Mother‘s Day only bring in a rather lowly $3.2 million. That makes mom sad.

With no other new entries or major points of note, let’s take a look at what’s happening on the rest of the charts.

  • 01. Captain America: Civil War – $72.5 million (LW: 1)
  • 02. The Jungle Book – $17.7 Million (LW: 2)
  • 03. The Money Monster – $15 million (NE)
  • 04. The Darkness – $5.18 million (NE)
  • 05. Mother’s Day – $3.2 Million (LW: 5)
  • 06. Zootopia – $2.8 Million (LW: 6)
  • 07. The Huntsman: Winter’s War – $2.58 Million (LW: 4)
  • 08. Keanu – $1.9 Million (LW:5)
  • 09. Barbershop: The Next Cut – $1.67 Million (LW: 7)
  • 10. The Boss – $1.18 Million (LW: 8)

And just like that, it’s Bye-Bye to poorly received video game adaptation Ratchet & Clank as well as (some would say also poorly received) comic book adaptation Batman v Superman. At least the latter took in $828 million globally, which is a fair amount of dosh, but still short of Warner Bros’ $1 billion goal. Ratchet & Clank though could just about barely make it into double digits, only taking $11 million thus far against its budget of $20 million.

(LW = Last Week, NE = New Entry)

Last Updated: May 16, 2016

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    Disney is printing money.


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