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Monday Box Office Report – The dawn breaks the bank

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Much like the question of a bear taking a crap in the woods, wondering if Twilight would make any cash this weekend was itself just as redundant a query. Part 2 of shirtless werewolves and sparkly vampires did indeed score big at the box office, as the finale of the Twilight series went out with a bang.

Breaking the bank with receipts totalling over $141 million, Breaking Dawn part 2 now ranks eighth in international records, when it comes to highest grossing movie openings. For 2012 though, that puts it in fourth place, just behind The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games, and a million below the opening of New Moon, which raked in $142.8 Million.

That debut however, knocked current king Skyfall down to second place, although with a current box office total of $669 million, 007 may not really be in the mood to complain.

With Steven Spielberg’s latest flick, Lincoln, finally expanding to more than just a few select cinemas, it started to finally earn some real cash, adding in an $21 million to it’s fourth place tally. As for everyone else, here’s who made what this past weekend.

  • The Twilight Saga: Braking Dawn Part 2 – $141.3 Million
  • Skyfall – $41.5 Million
  • Lincoln – $21 Million
  • Wreck-It Ralph – $18.3 Million
  • Flight – $8.6 Million
  • Argo – $4 Million
  • Taken 2 – $2.1 Million
  • Pitch Perfect – $1.26 Million
  • Here comes the boom – $1.2 Million
  • Cloud Atlas – $900 000 Million

 Cloud Atlas, you just got beaten by a shirtless Kevin James. A fact that will no doubt cause several intellectuals to go and commit gross acts of violence on their TV screens whenever the King of Queens reruns show up.

Last Updated: November 19, 2012

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