More Bourne, more Ted, as Universal aims to create sequels

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Money! It’s a thing! Looks like Pink Floyd was on to something, because while the latest Bourne movie has been a moderate success, Seth mcFarlane’s alcoholic, foul-mouthed teddy bear has proven to be a bigger hit, meaning that more sequels are on the way.

Ted has more than earned back it’s production and marketing budget, scoring almost $400 million worldwide, with NBC Universal boss Steve Burke confirming that they’re looking at getting a second Ted movie out as soon as possible.

Burke also wants more Bourne movies, most likely now that Renner has begun making a name for himself, as he believes that there is enough interest to see the secret agent return, possibly luring Matt Damon back.

But as for Ted, that’s all up to director and teddy voice Seth McFarlane, as he has his hands full with his various cartoon series, and bringing Mark Wahlberg back into the fold could prove to be a challenge.

Last Updated: September 14, 2012

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