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Mountain Dew has leaked the first official look at The Batman’s Riddler

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Riddle me this, riddle me that: Whose character design just got leaked through a soft drink that’ll make you quite fat?

While movie lots may have tightened up security over the years to a point where trained falconers unleash birds of prey on paparazzi who fly drone cameras onto film sets for a quick scoop, no method is entirely foolproof for ensuring that secrets don’t leak out. The first solo Batman movie since 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises is still tentatively scheduled for a March 4 release next year, and director Matt Reeves has managed to keep a tight lid on the project so far.

Outside of some early stuntmen photos that revealed Robert Pattinson’s new Pattsuit and a trailer released at DC Fandome, new details on The Batman have been kept under a tighter lock and key than Arkham Asylum’s inmates. And then Mountain Dew came along. Spotted by BestProducts, Mountain Dew’s promotional campaign for The Batman will include a Riddler’s Brew flavour of the carbonated sugar-water and features a quick look at the conundrum-obsessed villian.

The flavour itself was actually spotted a few months back on the Mountain Dew wiki alongside a Catwoman-themed Mountain Dew Zero Sugar and a standard Mountain Dew with Batman on the label, which is a sentence I never thought I’d ever type. Anyway, here’s what the Riddler looks like! Prepare to squint:

Riddler 1

It’s not too dissimilar from The Riddler appearance briefly seen in The Batman trailer. This version of the character played by Paul Dano, but this is the first time that the character seen in that teaser has been officially confirmed to be the Riddler. A duct-tape mask, goggles, and a hooded look that’s eerily reminiscent of the Talons from the Court of Owls makes for a Riddler with a wildly different appearance when compared to Jim Carrey in a spandex onesie that left very little to the imagination.

Strange that the flavour that Mountain Dew chose for the Riddler, is dark blue instead of green.

Last Updated: January 15, 2021

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