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MTV Movie and TV Awards 2020 delayed indefinitely

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When it comes to news headlines for this year, any headline ending with the words “has been delayed” has become quite a common one. Sadly, it’s not about to go anywhere as the world continues to battle the pandemic that is COVID-19 that has led to a multitude of sporting, cinematic and musical events being either delayed or cancelled. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise then that we have our latest victim, with Variety reporting that the MTV Movie and TV Awards are being postponed indefinitely.

The awards show might be the inbred cousin of its more prestigious awards counterparts – such as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards – which the more serious side of the movie biz doesn’t really take seriously, but it still remains a popular show on the entertainment calendar. This is especially true for its progressive nature towards awards categories and its focus on more mainstream popularity than critical success.  

Ever since it was first launched in 1992, the show has typically been screened in the middle of the year. With that not possible anymore, MTV has decided to postpone the show indefinitely. It could also set a precedent for how awards shows are held before we enter the traditional award season early next year, so it is one to keep an eye on, if it is held at all. Or they just move it over by a year and reward all the movies and series from a longer period of time. Something which makes sense given that releases and production schedules have been put on hold for now.

It’s that latter reason that is probably the main reason for the delay of the awards show. Whereas MTV could’ve easily broadcast the show online with hosts and winners all participating from their homes, the challenge of actually presenting awards was not the biggest issue that MTV has had to face. The timing of the awards show typically allows for MTV to recognise movies in the height of the biggest blockbuster period of the year – something which is missing this year as many of the big tentpole releases that would’ve likely been up for nomination were not even released.

Or clearly, they just don’t want to give Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker any awards and are desperately waiting for the next big Marvel film to award Favourite Movie to instead.

Last Updated: June 9, 2020

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